As an Avetta approved vendor, Professional Tank Cleaning offers a variety of industrial solutions for servicing your plants equipment for both online and offline operation. When systems must be taken offline, we have the equipment, processes and training to shorten down times and get your equipment back online and functioning. Contact us today to discuss how Professional Tank Cleaning can assist with your power plants servicing needs.


  • Milestones
  • Cost tracking
  • Communication (% complete forms) (satisfaction forms)
  • Installation of cleaning ports
  • Training JHRA’s
  • Dust reduction maintenance plans with containment measures
  • Onsite Safety Plans
  • Outage season planning
  • Job estimates
  • Contractor outage meetings with customer
  • Safety coverage
  • Rescue Teams
  • COC Reports
  • Daily job audits
  • Contractor close out meetings
  • Site Specific Safety Plans
  • Duct Cleaning – Vacuuming/ Mechanical Cleaning
  •  Storage Tank Cleaning – Vacuuming completed under supplied air