Secondary Containments, Concrete Ground Storage Tanks, Sumps, Wet Wells and Manholes all require high performance coatings and linings to seal them from the interior to prevent leakage from naturally occurring stress cracks that occur over time.  These structures are critical to maintain from both an environmental aspect as well as increased operating water treatment costs.

Our standard procedure for coating concrete surfaces is as follows:

  • High pressure steam clean the surface with degreaser to remove all surface contaminants.
  • Brush Blast, Scarify or Hand Tool clean the concrete surface to remove all loose concrete, existing coating, laitance, dust and other foreign matter. This opens up the porosity of the concrete to allow for a better mechanical bond with the new coating.
  • Blow-Down and vacuum up dust and debris for surface cleanliness and surface profile testing.
  • Repair any structural deficiencies, voids or leaks.
  • Perform moisture testing to ensure levels are acceptable for coating.
  • Select and Apply the protective epoxy or polyurea coating with the proper chemical resistant properties for each application.

We are trained and certified applicators for the following coating manufacturers: International Paints, Enviroline, Devoe Coatings, PPG, Carboline, Sherwin Williams, Tnemec and 3M Skotchkote and Belzona.