We provide filtration media removal and replacement services to water treatment plants.  Our Hurricane 500 industrial vacuums are ideal for removing all existing filter media through 4-7 inch vacuum hoses.  The vacuums can be positioned over roll off dumpsters for quick hauling and disposal.

Once all media has been removed from the tank we then perform a thorough tank cleaning.  We inspect the tank lining and underdrain system and make the necessary repairs.

The final step is installing new filter media in accordance with the owner specifications which typically consists in gravel, sand and anthracite or activated carbon media layers.

We also offer degasifier tower packing removal and replacement for aerator towers.  Over time the amount of deposits that build up on the tower packing media begin to hinder performance and cause the water supply to be a rust color.  Once we remove the tower packing, we pressure clean, re-seal all joints with an NSF certified caulking and perform a final chlorination of the tower before installing new media.  We typically install Jaeger tri pack filtration media but can work with the owners specificaions if different.