Industrial Floors found in Distribution Centers, Factories and Warehouses often experience 24 hour a day fork lift, pallet jack and foot traffic.  Overtime protective coatings and sealers will fail exposing the concrete to direct contact with abrasion or chemicals.

Also slabs will become uneven from slab curl which is caused from improper concrete curing, poor soils or soil settlement.  Uneven slabs will cause slab nosing deterioration as well as control joint and expansion joint failure.  Rough transitions will take its toll on forklifts leading to increased forklift maintenance costs, material handling delays, tipped loads and possible injuries.

Also, supporting soil settlement overtime will cause voids, sink holes, uneven slabs, concrete slab cracks and foundation cracks.  We have the ability to inject polyurethane foam beneath slabs to fill the void and level the adjacent surfaces providing surrounding support as it was originally designed without tearing up slabs.

As a Specialty Contractor we provide a complete scope for services for any concrete floor or slab rehabilitation project:

  • High Pressure Steam Cleaning and Floor Scrubbing to remove surface contaminants
  • Concrete Scarifying and Floor Grinding to remove coating and deficiencies
  • Epoxy Floor Coating Application for extreme abrasion and chemical resistance
  • Slab Nosing and Concrete Deficiency Repairs using an epoxy based mortar
  • Epoxy Crack Injection to restore structural slab integrity
  • Expansion Joint & Control Joint Replacement using epoxy and polyurethane joint fillers
  • Soil Stabilization by Hydrophobic Grout Injection