Professional Tank Cleaning is a Factory Trained Contractor for Prime Resins and DeNeef grout injection products and processes.  These advanced epoxy and polyurethane products have a wide range of specialty applications.  We have completed several successful crack injection projects to stop active leaks on water storage and filtration tanks.  Several of these processes must be executed correctly on the first attempt to prevent further damaged.  If you need any of these services, be sure that the contractor has received the proper factory training from the manufacturer.

Below is a summary of services we provide using grout injection products:

  • Active Leak Repair using Hydrophilic Grout Injection
  • Structural Crack Injection and Repair using Epoxy Resins
  • Water Stop and Curtain Walls for Manhole Rehabilitation using Hydrophobic Grout Injection
  • Soil Stabilization using Grout Injection for slabs, foundations, sinkholes, walkways and roads

We provide emergency repairs requiring immediate attention.  If you need us…we’ll be there!