The Problem

There are many high performance industrial coating and tank lining products available on the market for above ground storage tanks, underground storage tanks and structural steel which provide years of corrosion protection when applied properly. The highest performing products are epoxy coatings, epoxy tank linings, polyureas and polyurethanes.  These products are only as good as the surface cleaning, surface preparation and application methods used.  The presence of surface contaminants, insufficient surface profile or tank placed into service before full cure are all  typical reasons for premature coating failure.  There are several “fly-by-night” or “blow and go” painting contractors out there and owners need to be cautious of who they hire so money is not wasted on a critical coating project and have to re-do it 6 months later.  In order for an owner to take full advantage of the protection these state-of-the-art products have to offer, they should be applied by a contractor with specific industry training and certification.

The Solution

Professional Tank Cleaning and Sandblasting is an SSPC QP-1 (The Society for Protective Coatings) certified contractor and employs a full time NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) Certified Coating Inspector on staff.  These certifications are obtained through extensive training, testing, record keeping and auditing by SSPC and NACE.  Through a maintained quality management system, each step of the coating process form surface preparation to coating applications is inspected and tested by our QA inspectors to ensure surface cleanliness, adequate surface profile and the proper application of the coatings.  We have certified skilled tradesman in the following categories: C7 Abrasive Blasters, C12 Spray Applicators, C13 Water Jetters.

Pro Tank owns a large fleet of surface preparation equipment including ultra high pressure water blast machines, bulk blast pots, blast recovery systems, grit classifiers, industrial vacuums, heated plural component paint spraying pumps and other specialty equipment.  We guarantee 100% Customer Satisfaction and offer the best warranty in the business.

We work with several of the major product representatives to write specifications for long lasting surface preservation systems.  Some of our coating and tank lining suppliers which we are certified applicators for include: International Paints, Enviroline, Devoe Coatings, PPG, Carboline, Sherwin Williams, Tnemec, 3M Skotchkote and Belzona.