We also clean, prep and re-line the interior of Air Starter Bottles which use compressed air to turn the engines over during start up.  Over time the existing tank lining breaks down leaving exposed bare metal.  Furthermore there is the chance for loose paint chips, moisture and rust to enter and damage the main engines during start up.
We have fabricated specialized tooling to thoroughly clean prep and coat the air starter tank interiors which most of the time have small accesses.  Below are the following steps we use in the starting air system rehabilitation process:

  • ULTRA HIGH PRESSURE (UHP) WATER BLASTING- Using up to 40,000 psi and a special spin blast nozzle.  The interior of the starting air tanks are water blasted with 200 Degree Fahrenheit water to remove salts, existing coating and corrosion down to clean bare metal.  This process is extremely important because it removes all surface contaminants before we abrasive blast.  If this process is not done first, the contaminants will become impregnated during abrasive blasting and cause a premature coating failure.
  • ABRASIVE BLASTING-  Next the tank interiors are abrasive blasted to produce a sharp angular surface profile using specialized spin blast nozzles.  This step is required by the epoxy tank lining product specifications in order to form a strong mechanical bond with the substrate.  We utilize blast recovery systems which continually vacuum up used grit and return it to the machine to be cleaned and re-used which eliminates dust and waste disposal.

TANK LINING / COATING- In the final step we spray apply 2 coats of an Epoxy Tank Lining using a specialty paint spinning nozzle in accordance with all product specifications providing many years of corrosion protection.