Once the coating or interior lining system fails, the surface below becomes exposed to the tank’s atmosphere and tank contents resulting in corrosion and oxidization / rust.  Once the metal begins to deteriorate it is important not to delay the repairs to avoid being mandated by Lloyds & ABS insurance inspections for a total replacement.  The cost to clean, profile and apply a 2- part epoxy tank lining is a fraction of the cost of  replacement…not to mention haul out costs, being stuck at port or missing out on charters for something that could have been avoided.

Once the contaminants on the interior tank surfaces have been removed by high pressure steam cleaning with degreaser, the next part of the preservation process is to prepare the surface for coating otherwise known as surface preparation.  In this process the steel or aluminum tank surfaces are abrasive blasted to remove all existing coating, rust scale, blisters and corrosion pits.  An angular surface profile of 2-3+ mils is produced with our process as required by most immersion service epoxy tank lining products.  This process will form a strong mechanical bond and result in a long lasting corrosion protection system.   Because we are responsible for all steps of the process including tank cleaning, blasting and relining we provide our customers with a tank coating warranty.

Our self-contained blasting systems specifically designed for confined spaces are a more eco-friendly alternative than conventional sand blasting.  With our self contained systems, grit is continuously vacuumed from the tank and returned to the machine where paint dust, chips and rust scale are captured in specialized filters while clean grit is returned to the pot to be re-used.  This allows us to eliminate dust and negative environmental impact from abrasive disposal at landfills and health hazards from exposure to silica which associated with older out of date equipment and materials used in traditional sandblasting.

Also our systems work great for blasting tanks on yachts because we have the capability to complete the job properly and neatly even while the mega yacht is in the water.  Because we create a negative air space inside the tank with our powerful vacuum system, our technicians are able to be sealed into the tanks with no debris or contaminants having the chance to enter the vessel’s atmosphere.  This saves vessel’s time and the cost of hauling out, cutting an access hole through the hull plating into the tank and then welding new plating in once completed.
We also have the equipment and capabilities to use conventional sandblasting for those applications where our self contained blasting systems are not feasible.  Additionally we can wet blast and slurry blast which minimizes dust.