The Problem
There are many high performance coating and tank lining products available on the market today such as two part epoxies, polyurethanes and polyurethanes. These products are only as good as the surface preparation that was performed. The presence of surface contaminants, lack of sufficient surface profile or incorrect coating application are common causes for coating failures. These products also require customized plural component paint spray machines in order to be properly spray applied. To take advantage of the protection that these products provide, all coating systems need to be installed by a trained painting applicator that is certified by the coating manufacturer and backed by our warranty.

The Solution
Professional Tank Cleaning and Sandblasting employs a full time Quality Control Manager and a NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) Certified Coating Inspector on staff. The inspector ensures surface cleanliness, adequate surface profile and the proper application of the products. All steps of the process are documented along the way and results reviewed with our customers. We also train and certify our applicators and own specialty heated plural component paint spraying systems required by many of the high performance coatings and tank linings available. We guarantee 100% Customer Satisfaction and offer the best warranty in the business so you can be assured the vessel does not encounter downtime resulting from pre-mature coating failures.

We specialize in cleaning, blasting and relining / coating the following tanks and areas onboard ships and mega yachts: potable / fresh water tanks, black water tanks, sewage tanks, waste tanks, grey water tanks, ballast water tanks, fuel tanks, diesel tanks, saltwater tanks, pool water tanks, Jacuzzi water holding tanks, hot water tanks, interring tanks, cargo tanks, cargo holding tanks, chemical tanks, cement tanks, concrete tanks, effluent tanks, bilge water tanks, waste oil tank, used oil tanks, sludge tanks, oily water tanks, influent tanks, fiberglass tanks, msd tanks, Hamann tanks, microphor tanks, Head Hunter waste treatment tanks, Tidal Wave Tanks, chlorine tanks, day tanks, fuel oil tanks, CHT tanks, void tanks, lube oil tanks, oily waste tanks, anti roll tanks, cargo stowage tanks, gas tanks, aluminum tanks, bladder tanks, drinking water tanks, boiler feed water tanks, cascade tanks, slop tanks, stern tube cooling water tanks, hydraulic oil tanks, chain lockers, fore peaks, bilges, tank tops and cofferdams.