The buildup of cooking oil in galley hood exhaust systems is a potential fire hazard and can also leak and stain ceiling panels if the exhaust duct is not caulked or welded correctly.  Professional Tank Cleaning utilizes advanced approaches and cleaning chemicals specialized for the removal of cooking grease buildup to clean yacht galley hood ventilation systems.  We offer color video inspections of the exhaust system before, during and after cleaning.  We have a variety of specialized duct cleaning equipment to get the job done the right way.

Depending on the construction of each system our crew will build containments around the hood and protect the galley with clean drop cloths and plastic.  Next we steam clean with a special degreaser to remove built up cooking grease.  All wash water will be captured in a funnel containment which is removed by our vacuum trucks.  We also perform a thorough cleaning and degreasing of the galley hood exhaust extraction fans and fire dampeners.  Galley Hood Cleaning should be part of your regular yacht maintenance plan to reduce potential fire hazards.  Our customized galley hood cleaning approach improves fire safety on board.

Our crews are also trained and certified for HVAC Duct Cleaning and Mold Remediation.