Being in a marine environment leads to microbial growth and odors in duct work and in air handling units. Ductwork is often “fit in” during the build stages and is often not the most efficient design. This creates cold moist stagnant air leading to black mold. As these molds, mildew and fungi develop in the dark recesses of the duct work, they multiply and spread.  It is these molds, mildew and fungi that develop spores that carry “mycotoxins” into the air. It is these mycotoxins and microorganisms that can cause multiple illnesses such as headaches, sore throats, sinus problems, nausea, etc.

Also, HVAC units and Ducts become contaminated during exterior paint jobs when the vessel is enclosed in a Shrink Wrap Containment.  All of the grinding and sanding dust gets pulled into the fresh air supply units contaminating all of the downstream duct runs. Not only does this lead to contaminated ductwork but also creates a dust layer which will absorb moisture and accelerate mold growth.

Mega Yacht Duct Cleaning and Yacht Mold Remediation should be left to Certified Professionals.  If a service provider fails to follow proper duct cleaning procedure their actions can create a larger problem.  For example, an inadequate vacuum collection system can spread and release more mold spores than if you had left the ducts alone.

We have specialized marine duct cleaning equipment that operates under constant HEPA vacuum to remove mold, dust and contaminants from HVAC duct interiors.  The disinfecting products we use helps control and prevent future mold growth and eliminates odors at their source.  We use approved disinfecting EPA registered chemicals to remediate microbial growth and disinfect the following areas : flexible HVAC air ducts, sheet metal ducts, air handlers, cooling coils, fan coil units, condensate drain pans, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, registers, grilles, diffusers, fans, fan housings, transfer boxes, turning vane, return ducts and plenums.
We treat the entire air handling unit including the fins and coils with specialized products that prevents corrosion that is often caused by sulfuric acid secreted by common bacteria with its exclusive rust and corrosion inhibiting action.  This allows systems to run more efficiently and last longer.  All of the products we use are safe and do not require crew members to evacuate the areas during application.
It is important to regularly inspect and clean your yacht HVAC systems to catch the presence of bacteria, contaminants and mold before it spreads to other areas causing an unsafe environment for crew and passengers.  Our customized approach to marine HVAC duct cleaning creates healthier and cleaner indoor air quality (IAQ) for crew and passengers.

We also routinely clean galley hoods and dryer vents to eliminate potential fire hazards on a vessel; (please visit that page for more information). We provide color video inspections before during and after cleaning to assure our clients that we do not miss any areas.