Some Mega yachts utilize Jet Drives which produces high water volume and velocity to propel the vessel.  This places an extreme amount of stress on the critical jet drive components and tunnels which often require structural repairs and surface preservation.  We are certified applicators for Belzona & 3M Thortex who produce specialized products for repairing and preserving these components including:  bell housings, tunnels, shaft tubes, flanges, exhaust trunks, etc.
Our standard procedure includes:

  • 40,000 psi Ultra High Pressure Waterblasting to remove salts, contaminants and marine growth that would otherwise become impregnated into the metal causing pre-mature coating failure as would be experienced with conventional sandblasting.  All existing coating and corrosion is also removed during this process.
  • Inspect and test the surfaces for adequate existing surface profile.  If one does not exist we will brush blast using a variety of specialized nozzles to produce the required surface profile by the coating specifications.
  • Fill and fair in all pitting and reform wasted areas with the appropriate metal repair product.
  • Apply a protective coating system in accordance with all product specifications.

Application should be handled by a trained technician who has been certified by the product manufacturer.  Our processes and certifications along with supervision by the product representative allow us to provide our customers with the best warranty in the business!