Main Engine and Generator Exhaust Dry Stacks will eventually blow carbon, soot and even rust debris out of the top of the stack if they are not periodically cleaned.  These contaminants goe airborne and end up landing on deck surfaces.  This creates and ongoing nightmare for deckhands who constantly have to keep up with cleaning the yacht.  We perform main engine and generator exhaust stack and exhaust trunk cleaning aboard mega yachts and ships to remove carbon buildup and corrosion utilizing our high pressure water and steam jetting nozzles combined with our vacuum trucks.  Our crew will build containment on the bottom access to the stacks and continuously vacuum out the loose carbon and wash water to ensure no overspill.

We provide our customers with before and after digital color video inspections of these hard to see areas using our video inspection camera system.  We also have the ability to blast and line the interior of the stacks and exhaust trunks with a Hi-Temp Coatings Technology product and other hi temperature ceramic coatings offered by Belzona, 3M Thortex, Enecon and Blue Seal which we are certified applicators for.  Installing a corrosion protection system will extend the life span of the exhaust surfaces and make cleaning much easier and faster in the future by not allowing an excess of carbon built up and rust scale to occur.