We have the necessary pipe jetting equipment, spin blast nozzles and other custom tooling required to water jet and vacuum a wide variety of plumping lines on a vessel that become clogged or corroded.   We have the ability to adjust pressures from 3,000 psi up to 40,000 psi for the toughest jobs to remove blockages, mineral deposits, debris, marine growth, protective coatings and corrosion.
The areas we service include:

  • Shaft Tubes
  • Sea Chests & Cross Over Pipes
  • Exhaust Trunks
  • Black Water Lines
  • Grey Water Lines
  • Tank Vent Lines
  • Deck Drains
  • Ballast Tank Pipes

Depending on which type of plumbing line, the access and location all determines our setup for the job.  At times the tank may be used to capture wash water while others may require us to break the line and affix our vacuum hose and continuously vacuum the jetting wash water into our vacuum truck.  No matter what the application is we will successfully jet, unclog and clean the plumbing lines while keeping the vessel interior clean.
For metal pipes that are severely corroded we can perform repairs and re-line the pipes with an immersion service epoxy to provide corrosion protection.