Professional tank cleaning owns several types of specialized equipment designed to clean, blast & line the interior of cylindrical areas on a yacht where protective coatings are required including: shaft tubes, sea chests, exhaust trunks, deck drains, tank transfer pipes, exhaust stacks, air starter bottles, tank vent pipes, etc.  We often find that there is insufficient or a total lack of coating / lining on the interior of these areas.  If left unprotected significant rust scale or corrosion deterioration will occur as well as marine growth which will negatively affect the performance of these areas and associated equipment.

We provide turnkey coating system solutions for these areas.  Standard procedures for preservation of these areas include:

  • 40,000 psi Ultra High Pressure Waterblasting to remove salts, contaminants and marine growth that would otherwise become impregnated into the metal causing pre-mature coating failure as would be experienced with conventional sandblasting.  All existing coating and corrosion is also removed during this process.
  • Inspect and test the surfaces for adequate existing surface profile.  If one does not exist we will blast using a variety of specialized nozzles to produce the required surface profile by the coating specifications.
  • Fill and fair in all pitting and reform wasted areas with the appropriate metal repair product offered by manufacturers such as Belzona, 3M Thortex, Enecon and Blue Seal.  All of our technicians are trained and certified applicators by the coating manufacturers.
  • Specify and apply the correct protective coating system for the application in accordance with all product specifications.  These coatings range from 100% Solid Epoxy Coatings and Pipe Linings, Surface Tolerant Epoxies and High Temperature Ceramic Coatings.