We specialize in not only removing tank linings but also all other protective marine coatings such as antifoul paint and epoxy barrier coats found on hulls.  We also can remove epoxies from, bulwarks, sea chests, shaft tubes, exhaust trunks, deck drains, weather decks, ballast-crete from tank bottoms, leveling and filler compounds found in chain lockers  etc.  Because many of these are exterior areas conventional sandblasting requires full containment to try and deal with the dust and abrasive disposal fees which ads to the complexity and cost of the job.

Professional Tank Cleaning has stayed committed to finding the most eco-friendly approach to coating removal with the purchase of a 40,000 psi Ultra High Pressure Water blast machine.  We own a variety of specialized ultra high pressure tools for prepping ship hulls, shaft tubes, exhaust trunks, sea chests, and jet drives etc.  UHP Waterblasting has numerous benefits over conventional sand blasting.  During the process all salts, surface contaminants and marine growth are removed without impregnating them into the metal substrate that would cause pre-mature coating failures as experienced with conventional sandblasting methods.  All existing coatings and corrosion are removed using only steaming high pressure water.  No dust is created during the process which keeps your mega yacht clean and also allows for inspections even while 2 operators are blasting the vessel’s hull.

Ultra High Pressure Waterblasting removes the existing coating and reveals the existing surface profile.  This allows for un-altered bare metal yacht hull inspections to look for any cracks in the hull or welds.