What is Exhaust Stack Cleaning?

The process of cleansing of the interior surfaces of exhaust stacks and duct collectors free of soot, dust and debris.

Why & When is Exhaust Stack Cleaning Needed?

For example, Exhaust stack cleaning is used as a preventive measure. Many fires have been started due to the mass amount of soot build-up combined with high amounts of heat inside the duct collectors. Regular inspection and cleaning is obligatory to the safety of personnel as well as the longevity of the ships mechanics.
Another example is these stacks are prone to cracking, giving the mass amounts off heat being generated within the modules. Thus this cleaning is necessary in the inspection for internal cracks and before hot work can take place for repairs if there be any found discrepancies.

How Can Pro Tank Help?

Pro Tank is able to offer such professional services due to several accommodations.

First, being that all of our technicians are well trained with multiple qualifications, some of which include: 10 and 30 hour OSHA Maritime training, Hazardous Confined Space training, HAZWOPER certifications, OSHA Competent Persons certifications and DOT Hazardous Materials certifications. All our certifications are in compliance with state and government law 49 CFR 472.704.

Secondly, Pro Tank spares no expense in acquiring the most up to date equipment/machinery and supplies available to accomplish each job with more efficiency, safety and precision than any other tank cleaning company on and off the water front.

We are approved vendors with many major Master Ship Repair Agreements (MSRA’s) and Agreement for Boat Repairs (ABR’s) and organizations such as NASSCO, BAE, CMSD, Pacific Ship Repair, PICS and SWRMC. Based on our past excellent track record and trust among all of our clients, we look toward a long future ahead in our ever growing endeavor to perfect and set the standard among Professional Tank Cleaning services.