Gas-Freeing is the ability and power to declare a confined or unconfined space “Safe for Workers” or ”Not Safe for Workers”. It also is the ability to maintain or discontinue a certification given by a Marine Chemist or certified Industrial Hygienist “Safe for Work-Safe for Hot Work”.

Why & When Is GAS-FREEING Necessary?

A space that is specified “Safe for Workers” is a workplace that is within the Permissible Exposure Limits (PEL) declaring a livable atmospheric condition. Working in a space that is an, for an example, oxygen deficient (>19.5%) or oxygen enriched (<22.0%) atmosphere creates an Immediate Danger to Life and/or Health (IDLH)situation.

For another example, if employees were painting on the inside of a confined space, the correct precautions must be taken to ensure the safety of the workers therein. Being under the Upper Explosive Limit (UEL)as well as maintaining your Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) will protect workers from fires, explosions and supply a safe and healthy atmosphere for working. Obtaining the right measuring/calculating equipment and having the knowledge to determine whether a space or workplace is safe to inhabit or work in is non-negotiable to the safety and production in an industrial environment.

How Can ProTank Help?

Here at Pro Tank we have several technicians certified in OSHA Competent Persons training. We put each our certified competent persons in an annually renewed and extensive training program that works closely with an NFPA Certificated Marine Chemist. These individuals are dedicated to the highest standards of making sure that all workspaces (confined and unconfined) are deemed habitable and safe to conduct work.

Pro Tank is in the business of making Safety our first priority as well as maintaining a 100% success rate in making sure that all employees make it home safe and sound to their families and loved ones.