What is Housekeeping?

General Housekeeping is the maintaining of general cleanliness throughout a workplace during the Period of Performance (POP) dates.

Why & When do we need General Housekeeping?

As the United States defenses never sleep on board naval vessels it is important as contractors working on and within ships to be keeping our work areas and passages traveled through clean and sanitary. Equipment being run through passageways, scaffolding being erected, and simply extra foot traffic can cultivate mass amounts of dirt, dust and debris throughout the ship. While work is being commenced it is important that we have set cleaning crews cleaning from top to bottom of passages and spaces being that these vessels are not just working places but are also designated living quarters.

How Can Pro Tank Help?

Here at Pro Tank we have set cleaning crews charged with the maintaining of weather decks, passage ways and spaces top to bottom free of all loose dirt and debris. We are also proud approved vendors with many major companies and organizations such as NASSCO, BAE, CMSD, PICS and SWRMC. As we look to the past having countless success stories and trust among all of our clients, we look toward a long future ahead of us in our ever growing endeavor to perfect and set the standard among Professional Tank Cleaning services.