What Is System Flushing?

The circulation of fluids through a mechanical system for the purpose of periodic maintenance, protective measures and/or system cleanliness.

Why & When Are System Flushes Necessary?

When maintaining piping systems or machinery, which may be performing continuously over long periods of time, scheduled routine flushes are a mandatory part for preservation and longevity of any component. Systems, whether oil, fuel or sea water, will build up residuals over time that may cause blockages or an obstruction of flow that may lead to the impairment of equipment. Systems requiring flushing may include but are not limited to: Condensers; cooling coils and systems; tanks; engine and equipment; reduction gear; fuel systems; heat exchangers; oil systems; sea water or fire main systems; Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (AFFF)systems; HVAC systems.

Also in accordance with Standard Item 009-107, general cleaning requirements must be accomplished upon new, modified or repaired piping systems and components of nuclear and non-nuclear powered naval vessels. This secures the normal operation of equipment upon the completion of the systems maintenance free of grease, oil, flux, scale, dirt, loose particles and any other contamination foreign to the base metal.

How Can Pro Tank Help?

Whether it is a hot oil flush, fuel flush, chemical flush or simply the re-polishing of hydraulic fluid to desired micrometer, ProTank has the certified professionals and equipment to provide our customers with 100% satisfaction.

Systems flushes that Pro Tank participates in are as follows but are not limited to: condensers; cooling systems and coils; tanks; engines and equipment; reduction gear; fuel systems; heat exchangers; oil systems; sea water or fire main systems; Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (AFFF) systems.

Pro Tank also provides several accommodations that accompany our flushing services. Such provisions are as follows: Process Control Procedures(PCP) for numerous systems; filters and filter housings for various applications and micrometers; flushing pumps; temporary storage tanks; borescope video inspections; portable heaters; chemical analysis of fuel and oil for water contamination, particulate and spectrographic metals; removal and disposal of flushing solutions.

Pro Tank spares no expense in acquiring the most up to date equipment/machinery and supplies available to accomplish each job with more efficiency, safety and precision than any other tank cleaning company on and off the water front.

We are approved vendors with many major Master Ship Repair Agreements (MSRA’s) and Agreement for Boat Repairs (ABR’s) and organizations such as NASSCO, BAE, CMSD, Pacific Ship Repair, PICS and SWRMC. Based on our past excellent track record and trust among all of our clients, we look toward a long future ahead in our ever growing endeavor to perfect and set the standard among Professional Tank Cleaning services.