What Is Temporary Services?

The provision and maintenance of services in support contractor industrial work throughout the course of the availability period.

Why & When is Temp. Services Needed

When working on Naval vessels or on industrial buildings, services such as electricity/power may not be readily available for use. Thus services run throughout the job site during the availability period is a huge necessity in the production and completion of work.

How Can Pro Tank Help?

Pro Tank has multiple provisions available for hire or rent regarding temporary services.

Services Include:

  • LP Air: Provide clean, dry, oil free Low Pressure (LP) air (90-110 psi) including supply hoses and manifolds.
  • Ventilation: The types of blowers needed will depend on the work being accomplished by the contractor.
  • Temporary Lighting: Lighting will be provided for work accomplished in accordance with safety requirements. Equipment for rent:

"CAT" Electric Power Generator (contact for details)

- “CAT” Electric Power Generator

"Sullair" Portable Air Compressors with Manifold (contact for details)

"Sullair" Portable Air Compressors with manifold

"Miller" Big Blue 500D Engine Driven Welding Generator (contact for details)

"Miller" Big Blue 500D Engine Driven Welding Generator

"Jetstream" 5K-40K psi Water Blast Unit (contact for details)

"Jetstream" 5K-40K psi Water Blast Unit